YMCA Helps Families Bring Healthy Habits Home

Keeping children physically and physically is not like child’s play. Trying to fit in with children is more effective, according to the Chicago YMCA. Parents are free to be active, and if they are children, they can make decisions that are environmentally sound.

The Minister of Health, Maithripala Sirisena, says: “Healthy lifestyle, activities and action are priorities, strengthening family ties, equality of links, prevention of chronic diseases and most importantly the enjoyment of family benefits. ” A YMCA consultant in the United States.

The YMCA has begun to advise on adopting a healthy lifestyle at home.

  1. Perform physical activity with the family every day for 20-30 minutes. Walk as a group before dinner; Play marquetry in the afternoon; Comfort, weekend getaways, natural celebrations or digitalization.
  2. Prepare a healthy meal at least five days a week. Choose low in fat, sodium and refined sugar. When selecting raw and processed raw materials when buying processed foods; Buy fruits and vegetables from unsuitable foods.
  3. Eat in the kitchen or dining room. Eating in front of meals or sitting in the kitchen can lead to unhealthy eating habits.
  4. Hold a weekly family meeting about hygiene and activity goals. Show additional goals for an additional stimulus.
  5. Stress and conflict for the main oppressors that obstruct healthy goals. Minimize stress by respecting the property and feelings of other family members; Take responsibility for personal actions; Be careful and drive wisely.
  6. Celebration of success with simple prizes. Movie night or enjoy the YMCA family night; Purchase a new board game; Handmade awards; Strengthen the positive incentive.

YMCA Healthy Kids® Days nationally, on April 8, 2006 and YMCA 1420 YMCA (which can change local days) for those who find ideas and information. Independence Day provides useful information to encourage fun, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

The healthy day of the YMCA children is sponsored by the brands Disney Channel, Troika, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Kimberly-Clarke’s Hughes, Puppys and Niet Sheet.

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